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Story so far

In response to the growing legal, social and business imperative, a small group of UK ERG group leaders set out to explore the support that might be required by companies in the UK to drive a faith friendly workplaces.

On the 11th July 2023, the founding partners in collaboration with Government (No.10), organised a consultation event with 54 business leaders about the need and support required by companies (across sectors) to develop faith friendly workplaces. 

At the meeting, organisations shared the positive outcomes that have resulted from their efforts to embrace the place of faith in the workplace. These include:

Photo of Faith At Work panel discussion

Increased Cultural Competence

Inclusive workplaces foster cultural competence among employees. In a world where faith continues to play a vital role, these competencies benefit the workforce, partners, clients and key stakeholders in every area, or community, in which an organisation works.

Talent Attraction & Retention

With over 80% of employees stressing the importance of faith and belief in the workplace, employers embracing these strategies are able to attract and retain talent more effectively.

Improved Productivity & Engagement

Employers are increasingly cognisant of the role of faith and belief in improved mental health and wellbeing.

Enhanced Creativity & Innovation

As with other protected characteristics, increasing inclusion enables a richer exchange of ideas, experiences, and perspectives. This in turn contributes to better decision-making and problem-solving. As a result, faith-diverse teams provide employers with fresh ideas and solutions.

Conflict Resolution

Greater understanding of faith and belief, enhances staff cohesion, accelerates conflict resolution, and reduces risk of tribunals and litigation.

At the event, it was identified that a bold #FaW vision and a sustainable programme of work was needed to help break the stigma, tension and discomfort around faith as an identity in the workplace. Consequently, an #FaW coalition set up; an implementation plan to drive change; and a launch event to introduce the plan were also identified as outputs and next steps.

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"Delivering more value"

By creating a workplace that actively welcomes and supports employees in their faith and beliefs, we are recruiting and retaining top talent, cultivating a distinct and diverse culture, delivering more value for our clients and building a better business for everyone.
Client Image

Adrian Bettridge

(Managing Partner), Baringa

"I've seen the benefits"

Over four decades working abroad and at home, I’ve seen the benefits when both societies and businesses allow people within them to live out their faith and the consequences when they impose restrictions on religion or belief.
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Brian Grim

(Founder and President), Religious Freedom and Business Foundation

Faith at Work is a movement seeking to transform the workplace for years to come by equipping employers to welcome faith at work.

Did you know?

of employees believe that their companies do not provide clear written policies on faith and belief
of HR managers are not confident to deal with faith-related issues.
of employees feel a faith friendly workplace will enhance retention
(ComRes Faith Research Centre)


What's happened so far with Faith At Work

July 2023

Meeting at 10 Downing Street: On the 11th July 2023, the founding partners organised a high level meeting with His Majesty’s Government at No.10 Downing Street. 54 business leaders attended from both UK organisations and multinational companies. Participants included executives from American Express, Baringa, EY, Google, OVO Energy, National Air Traffic Service, Rolls Royce, Salesforce, Thames Water, and the National Health Service, the fifth largest employer on the planet. Participants were unanimous in their support for a coalition that can provide strategic advice, practical training and accessible resources for UK organisations and employers across the English-speaking world.

November 2023

Meeting at Baringa: on 20th November 2023, the founding partners organised a meeting at Baringa to discuss , and hear from Pearn Kandola on the ground-breaking research

November 2023

Meeting in Portcullis House: On 20th November the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief launched a ground-breaking new report & toolkit “Building FoRB through Faith-and-Belief Friendly Workplaces”. The report explores how everyone in every workplace can advance freedom of religion or belief for all through practical initiatives such as employee resource groups (ERGs), and benchmark progress in faith-and-belief-friendly workplaces through the Corporate Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index. Launch Report

March 2024

Faith at Work Inaugural Conference: Hosted at Salesforce, the inaugural Faith at Work conference gathered togethering key business leaders and HR experts across the UK, in both the public and private sectors, government officials, and researchers to explore research and examples linking faith & belief friendly workplaces with greater employee wellbeing and improved organisational performance. Attendees heard from Baroness Sherlock, Shadow Faith Minister, and the Rt Hon John Glen MP, Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office, as well as representatives from Salesforce, Baringa, Thames Water, Ovo Energy, SSE, Rolls-Royce, NATS, Google, NHS, Forbes and more.The conference was also an opportunity to celebrate the success of Baringa and Rolls-Royce in achieving the highest marks in the first UK edition of the corporate Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index and MonitDuror.

March 2024

Meeting in Palace of Westminster: On 5th March 2024, the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief hosted a meeting to look at how the top 10 faith-and-belief-friendly FTSE 100 workplaces are “building FoRB. The meeting included comments from Sukie Gandhi, the global vice president of Salesforce's Faithforce and Oliver Pawle, the London-based Chairman of Korn Ferry Board Services Practices.

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